About Frontline Electronics

We are the Professional Electronics company manufacturing original products meant for Embedded Systems development and learning tools suitable for the embedded systems. We also take up developments in Industrial monitoring systems and controls and we have been exporting them for the last three years.

All our manufacturing are handled in our ISO certified facility created in the space of 10000 square feet at our Salem plant. We also have all the required advanced T&M facilities in-house to support our manufacturing.

In the long journey started in 1985, we have come a very long way in our existence and introduced many First-of-its Kind products in the selected fields which proved our capability in conceiving, designing, manufacturing and marketing these products in their respective fields. For the example, in 2002, we launched a Device Programmer for Atmel 8031 Microcontrollers with a price tag of only Rs 2002/, when at that time the next affordable programmer was available for the minimum of Rs 8,000/. Apart from this attractive pricing, we offered the programmer with a 15Days Money-Back Guarantee which further accelerated the sales of the programmer and very soon the programmer became a hit with the embedded system designers. We went on to sell few thousands of these programmers in the next few years and the whole exercise made name of our company familiar to the embedded system community of India.

Marketing Partners: contact us at feplslm@gmail.com

As we expected, not even a single claim was raised by anyone for the money. Around 2002, we launched the India’s first simulator for Atmel’s 8751 series of microcontrollers, TOPVIEW SIMULATOR, for a cost of Rs 5,000/, which became very popular with the educational institutions. Apart from simulating the functions of the microcontroller, the software could simulate various project oriented peripheral functions and output an optimized application code to make use of these peripheral functions in the applications. The user could simulate his total application using this simulator. Then we went on to manufacture trainers supporting microprocessors like 8085, 8086, microcontroller 8031 and DSP devices originated from both Texas Instruments and Analog Devices, TMS320C50, TMS320C31, TMS320VC5416, TMS320C6713, ADSP2101 and ADSP2181.

Meanwhile, with the experience of developing reliable and usable hardware and also experience of developing software tools, we started working with Renesas Electronics, Japan and signed a Master Agreement with Renesas to develop hardware and software tools for the Renesas microcontrollers. As the first assignment, we developed a software simulator for the R8C/Tiny series microcontrollers with the facilities to simulate all the operations of the microcontroller and all its peripheral functions and software generates optimized application code to use the micon and all its peripheral functions in users applications. This software was made available for free at our site and it became very much popular with the embedded system engineers in India and other countries. We developed a vast knowledge base of about 3000 pages covering all the features of the controller with example codes and circuits to give a quick start to the users applications.

To create an awareness on this R8C/Tiny controllers with the educational community in the state Tamil Nadu, we conducted FRONTLINE EMBEDDED DESIGN CONTESTS for two years from 2008. A total price money of more than one lakh was distributed to the successful students in both the design contests. For the award functions, the Presidents of Renesas Solutions, Japan, visited Salem and interacted with the students in both contests and motivated them to take up careers in embedded system.

Come 2009. We launched an advanced application module for Xilinx FPGA with new features, making it most suitable for studying the FPGA concepts and using the same hardware in the projects too with ease and confidence. It was another First-of-its kind product and went on to become most popular with the educational segment.

In 2010, Renesas transferred know-how to manufacture In-system-Debuggers for R8C/Tiny microcontrollers in India and we started catering to the needs of embedded system engineers who are using the Renesas controllers in their applications.

India’s most advanced robotic trainer, FASTBot, was introduced in 2012 to motivate engineering, polytechnic and school students take up robotic study in a most systematic and interesting ways with plenty of application examples making the bot as most successful in our product range.

2013. We conducted third edition of Frontline Embedded Design Contest for Tamil Nadu engineering college students for the Renesas micon family, RL78 which was successful as earlier contests.

“From 2015 onwards, we started looking for export avenues for our Industrial Controllers and developed Prototypes for the potential clients. Keeping this in mind, we obtained ISO certification for all our manufacturing activities. During the financial year of 2016, we started our export business, competing in the international market.”

2018 has come already. We also have received third year repeat order for our exports from the same client which is a clear indication that we have successfully established consistent quality in our manufacturing operations. We also enhanced our manufacturing area to more than 10000 square feet and acquired state-of-art Test and Manufacturing facilities supporting our production. We also acquired CNC Pick-and-Place facilities to speed up our production to meet the client’s tight export schedule.

Having successfully established all the required facilities and manpower to manage the exports, we started looking for more export options and developing advanced training tools suitable for the educational customers.

We plan to launch advanced Training Modules for Power Electronics in the coming weeks…..
Stay tuned….