Astronomical Timer

The astronomical timer enables switching on and off of lighting loads at precise sunrise and sunset timings for geographical locations. Latitude and Longitude information is entered by using DIP switch settings and the information is programmed for all the cities in India (Data for other countries can be added as per user requirements). A high accuracy RTC is used along with battery backup to maintain timing.
DIP Settings:
DIP 1: Off Time Selection
DIP 2: State Selection
DIP 3: City Selection
Technical Specs:
Operating Voltage: 230V AC Single Phase
Clock Accuracy: ±0.5 sec/day
Battery Backup: >5 Years with Lithium Battery (used only in absence of AC power)
LED Indication: Red Coloured Status LED
Relay Contact Type: 1 Normally Open SPST Contact
Relay Contact Rating: 16A
DIN Rail/Panel Mountable Enclosure

Astronomical Timer controls time based operations without using any sensors and they are most suitable for the lighting applications. Any alternate solutions using sensors tend to fail in due course of time because of accumulation of dirt over the sensor. The timer operates as stand alone and assures a trouble-free operation for a very long time.