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ARM Based Embedded Application Modules.

- Introduction.
- LPC2138 Based Embedded Application Module.
- AT91SAM7S256 Based Embedded Application Module.
- Pricing Information.

ARM Proto Boards.

- Introduction to ARM Proto Boards.
- Atmel ARM Proto Board.
- Philips ARM Proto Board.
- Frequently Asked questions.
- Pricing Information.

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Frequently Asked Questions


FAQ01: Is the Proto Board meant for studying about the micon in question?

No. Normally trainers of any micon come with many embedded modules that will facilitate the users learn about the various aspects of the micon. But, the Proto Boards come with basic facilities like built-in power supply, micon programming facility and communicating facility with the PC for the code development. The boards do not come with any trainer like features. The Proto Board is an ideal hardware platform to enable the users to start their next application based on these specific microcontrollers. But, if it is required, you can use these boards for learning and experiments. Since all the features of the target micon are available, you can try specific experiments by adding required hardware. If yu can manage this, then the Proto Boards become the cheapest learning platform.


FAQ02: What are the advantages I get when using these Proto Boards?

There are a few unbeatable advantages you gain with this Proto Board: As you know, these days, most of the higher end microcontrollers come with SMD packages. So, you can not use any of other regular PCBs meant for the DIP devices for these new controllers. So these Proto Boards can save you from the trouble of designing any customized board for the project concept evaluation. Like wise, you need not worry of doing any SMD soldering meant for the target micon. As you can notice, the Proto Boards come with the professional PCB with the properly mounted micon with clear markings for your convenience. Most of the time, when you search for these microcontrollers in the open market, you may not get the devices easily.Also, the regular marketing channels of these micons insist on the minimum order quantity even when you need just one or few controllers for yr design evaluation. Under these circumstances, the Proto Boards becomes fast and easy solutions.


FAQ03: What are other tools you supply with this ProtoBoard?

Because of its low cost nature, we can not provide any development software for these Proto Boards.

There are plenty of GNU tools are available for the ARM devices. You can check with the respective sites of the manufacturers for these software tools. But, for the Renesas boards, we shall provide the Renesas’s popular development software, HEW that supports programs upto 64KB capacity. We also provide the required programming software meant for these R8C/Tiny devices. For the R8C/Tiny Proto Boards, all the required software tools are made available along with the board.


FAQ04: How can I get assurance that these boards are properly tested before the dispatch?

We always check all our products thoroughly before dispatch. For these Proto Boards, we connect a LED with the micon and make it flash to indicate the healthy condition of the micon. You can notice few more I/O lines of the micon toggling using an oscilloscope.