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Diamond Boards.

- TMS320VC5416 Diamond Board.
- TMS320C50 Diamond Board.
- TMS320C31 Diamond Board.
- ADSP2181 Diamond Board.


- TMS320VC5416 Starter Kit.
- ADSP2181 Starter Kit.
- TMS320C50 Starter Kit.
- TMS320C31 Starter Kit.
- Topview DSP Debugger.
- Add-on Options.

- ADSP2181 EVM.
- FAQ.
- Download eCatalog on DSP Products.

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ADSP 2181 Diamond Board.

 This is the lowest cost ADSP2181 based solution for embedding Analog Device's popular fixed point DSP in demanding applications. The board comes with enough booting memory space and also the clock circuitry, power supply and other related support electronics.

  • ADSP 2181 operating at 33MHz.
  • On-chip Program Memory : 16K X 24 and Data Memory 16K X 16.
  • Boot EPROM : 32Kbyte / 64Kbyte with communication kernel. This boot memory can be expanded upto 1Mbyte.
  • On-board Emulator interfacing facility.
  • RS232 serial port for communicating with the host PC.
  • On-board clock generator.
  • On-board power supply.
  • Two numbers of 64 pin expansion connectors to interface external hardware.
  • Multilayer PCB to make this board reliable one in noisy industrial applications.
  • Diamond board is supported with the Topview DSP Debugger that provides state of art features in a GUI environment.
  • PCB size : 10cm X 10cm.


DSPDiamondBoard2181.jpg (540 KB)


Block Diagram of 2181 DSP Diamond Board.

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DSP Project Board.

ADSP 2181 DSP Peripheral Board.

This add-on board enables the user to get a proven and low cost DSP solution suitable for a variety of applications.

  • Zero wait state high speed byte memory of capacity, 256Kbyte, with battery backup.
  • 12-bit ADC with programmable sampling rate into 93.6K samples.
  • 8 Channel single ended Analog Inputs.
  • Programmable Gain Selection : 0.5, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16.
  • Analog Input voltage range : 0-2.5V.
  • 2 Channels of DAC with 100KHz sampling rate. Output range : 0-2.5V
  • On-board Real Time Clock with battery backup.
  • On-board EEPROM with 16Kbyte capacity. Can be expanded upto 128Kbyte.
  • Facility to connect key matrices upto 8X8 (upto 64 keys).
  • Facility to interface character and graphic LCD modules.
  • 16 Digital input lines and 16 Digital output lines.
  • Secondary RS232 port with 57.6K baudrate.
  • The peripheral board communicate with the Diamond board through 16-bit I/O bus.
  • All port lines, interfacing lines are properly terminated in suitable connectors.


Block Diagram of ADSP 2181 DSP Peripheral Board.

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you need DSP Diamond Boards?

l   DSP Diamond Boards are optimized DSP Hardware to take up your next application. The boards come with the facilities to add the required additional hardware without much pain.

Starting with the DSP Diamond Boards give a Reliable and Quick-Start solution to your next signal processing applications.

l   As you know well, getting the target DSP devices in smaller quantities takes a very long time and much convincing with the DSP distributors. DSP Diamond boards relieve you from all this time consuming tasks and enable you to take up your DSP challenges from Day One!!.

l   Apart from the device procurement, DSP hardware requires other expensive facilities like SMD Production environment, Multilayer PCBs along with the professional manpower to manage all this.

By starting with the DSP Diamond boards, you need not invest anything on these facilities and start working on the application without any delay.

l   Apart from all this, FE’s Diamond boards are the lowest priced DSP Development platform in the market. You are assured of perfect DSP hardware with the lowest cost making your decision a wiser one!!.

l   DSP Diamond boards are supported with State of Art Program Debugging facilities to enable you gain the required confidence to develop applications without much troubles!!.

l  DSP Diamond boards accept the outputs of original development tools of device manufacturers. For an example, VC5416 Diamond board can accept the application code developed using CCS of TI.

l  DSP Diamond boards are the cost effective DSP learning tool. Initially, you use the same for learning about the DSP and then use the same in the actual application. With the Diamond boards, your investment in DSP never becomes a redundant one. You never get this facility from the DSP trainers of other sources.