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Diamond Boards.

- TMS320VC5416 Diamond Board.
- TMS320C50 Diamond Board.
- TMS320C31 Diamond Board.
- ADSP2181 Diamond Board.


- TMS320VC5416 Starter Kit.
- ADSP2181 Starter Kit.
- TMS320C50 Starter Kit.
- TMS320C31 Starter Kit.
- Topview DSP Debugger.
- Add-on Options.

- ADSP2181 EVM.
- FAQ.
- Download eCatalog on DSP Products.

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Frequently Asked Questions.


1. Who manufactures the DSP Hardware?

We, Frontline Electronics manufacture all the DSP Hardware mentioned in the catalog. We have required technical infrastructure and the hardware and software development tools to execute DSP solutions.

Because of this, we can offer these DSP Hardware at a very competitive cost to the DSP customers. We can also execute the orders faster than suppliers who market imported hardware.

Hardware support and after sales service have become an integral part of our marketing and all our customers are assured of prompt care even after many years of purchase.

2. Software support.

All the DSP hardware are designed to be compatible with the software available from the DSP device manufactures. In the hardware, we incorporated enhancements wherever it is possible. But we maintain the compatibility with the respective software.

The DSP hardware comes with the manufacturer’s software tools.

We are developing suitable debugging software, Topview DSP Debugger suitable for these DSP hardware. Since the manufacturers software runs in the DOS environment, we have planned to give a Windows based GUI environment.

3. Who are all your current customers?

We are the leading DSP product supplier among the Technical institutions of TamilNadu. Almost all the major engineering colleges have been using our DSP product for the past 10 years in their laboratories.

We also have supplied other DSP hardware and software tools from the Device manufactures to their institutions.

4. FE’s Experience in DSP?

We are using DSP technology for the last 7 years. We are very familiar with technologies of both Texas Instruments and Analog Devices.

Basically we emphasis on making DSP hardware easy one for the first time users and laboratory environments.

We have developed many easy to learn experimental procedures to enable our customers clearly understand the DSP concepts. Our experimental manuals are most sought offer by Engineering College staff members.

So, all our DSP products have distinctive technical advantage and enable the DSP users get the required confidence in using DSP in their applications.

5. Possibility of Customized DSP solutions?

We have proven design capability to develop customized DSP solutions meeting customers exact requirements. We can develop DSP solutions based on ADSP 218X,TMS320C50 and TMS320C3X and TMS320C5000.

Kindly contact us with your specific requirements.

6. Servicing of Faulty DSP Hardware?

Yes, we can undertake servicing of faulty DSP starter kits using ADSP21XX, TMS320C5X and TMS320C3X. Since we have most of the critical devices in stock, we assure you of fast servicing of these starter kits for your convenience.

7. Why Add on options should be considered very seriously?

The add-on options give you a protective environment where you can use these DSP hardware without facing any problem. As you know, DSP studies require usage of signals in most of the time and this add-on option enables you to carry out your studies without using expensive function generators, Frequency counters, DC Regulated Power supplies. The output of the function generators is conditioned to meet the input range restrictions (-/+3v) of AIC devices of the DSP hardware. The frequency counter indicates the frequency of the input signal waveform and the built-in RFI Noise filter of the power supply eliminates the unwanted noise problems when you seriously indulge in your studies.

As a result, you can continue with your DSP experiments without worrying about the operating environment.

We also draw your attention towards the simple fact, students, during experiments, tend to turn up or down the function generator’s knobs without thinking about consequences.

So, the add-on option is the solid protection you can provide to the DSP hardware during experiments.



Frontline Electronics for DSP Tools ?

l We, at FE, conceive, design, manufacture, market all the required DSP tools in-house. Because of this, we have everything right from the scratch to the final documentation in total control.

We give more emphasis on making the DSP technology user friendly in all respects. Accordingly, we make both the hardware and software combination a best one to make DSP learning an easy and interesting one.

l FE’s DSP trainers come with simple hardware designed mainly to make the study of target DSP device a comforting one without complicated elements.

l DSP hardware presents itself as friendly to you and motivate you to take up advanced studies without overwhelming circuits.

l These days, new DSP trainers are configured using the respective DSP Diamond boards. So, after studying the target DSP, you can easily put the Diamond board into your target application with minimum external hardware. A Big Savings in your Time and Money!!

l FE already established itself as a reliable supplier of the DSP tools for the last 10 years. In addition, FE shall continue supplying the same kind of DSP tools for a very long time in the future also.

Think DSP.
Think Frontline Electronics.