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Proposal for Marketing Partner.

Proposal for Marketing Partner.


We, at Frontline Electronics always, try to exceed the expectations of the customers in all possible ways. Customers should get the best product at the lowest possible cost. All the products are complemented by the best after sales practices. Ultimate marketing goal is to keep all customers happy and comfortable with FE. Customers should stay with FE for all their future needs and also recommend FE in all the places wholeheartedly.

Hence, we, at FE, pledge our committed efforts to make all the customers, small and big, happy and satisfactory.

We expect all our Marketing Partners to follow the same vision in their operations.

* FE is Frontline Electronics Pvt Ltd and MP represents Marketing Partners in all places of this document.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Ideal Marketing Partners for FE's Products?

We, at FE, don't expect our MPs as big or financially very well equipped. We prefer a small team of qualified marketing professionals, who should share our marketing vision and follow our marketing policy wholeheartedly. With a dedicated team (complemented by the required financial support), MPs can do exceptionally well. We prefer to grow with committed small team for a very long period.

Interested Territory.

The target marketing territory assigned to M/s.......................................... is the state of................................... Basically all the educational Institutions come under this marketing arrangement. FE shall forward enquires received from the educational institutions to the Marketing Partner for further action.

Regarding individual customers or industrial customers or any other customer, they will be considered and referred to Marketing Partners on case to case basis.


All the goods will be delivered to the Marketing Partners through their banker against payment.

MP's Marketing Policy.

FE is the established market leader in the selected fields by offering world class products at the lowest cost. Since, most of the products go to the educational institutions, FE takes pride in providing state of art learning tools on the latest technologies to the student community with the unbeatable cost.

MPs also are expected to define their marketing strategy keeping these points in consideration.

Evolving a customer out of a simple enquiry and keeping him happy and comfortable for a long time takes higher priority than any other aspect including the amount of business generated by that customer.

Pricing Policy.

The products are sold to the Marketing Partners as per the prescribed price list with the liberty to the marketing partners to fix up their customers' price. Marketing Partners should keep the customers price at the lowest.

As a thumb rule, the pricing should be in lower two places.

Marketing Partners should not tend to increase the customer price beyond the reasonable levels. Marketing Partners should follow the well defined pricing strategy in fixing up the cost and they should send a copy of the quotation of all the customers for Frontline Electronics' reference and records.

If there is any dispute about the pricing at the customer end, Frontline Electronic don't assume any responsibility for the same.

After Sales & Service.

It is the responsibility of the Marketing Partner to take care of after sales requirements in their marketing territory. In case of service needs, they can send the materials to FE with prior intimation. FE shall assist Marketing Partners in all possible means to undertake these service activities.


FE shall arrange periodical training to all Marketing Partners as and when it is required. MPs shall use this opportunity to update their product knowledge.

MP Starter Pack.

FE has chosen a starter pack consisting very important products meant for demonstration and reference. Each MP should posses this starter pack to enable the potential customer understand the nature and the facilities of FE's products. The contents of the starter pack is mentioned elsewhere in this document.

Agreement & Termination.

Both FE and MP enter into this marketing arrangement signing this document and initially it is kept valid and active for 6 months from the data of agreement. This period is kept short to explore and understand operations and attitude of both partners and if necessary any of them can terminate the agreement and look for better partners.

At the end of first agreement period, both partners can extend the marketing agreement for another year.

If both parties find it required, this initial 6 month time can be reduced and next year- long agreement can be executed at a mutually agreed time.


For all practical purposes, the jurisdiction meant for legal issues is at Salem only. Buying any thing from FE or agreeing to the conditions mentioned in this documents automatically confirms the selection of jurisdiction as Salem.

Suggested Products for the Marketing

a. DSP Products.

  1. TMS320C50 Based DSP Starter Kit.
  2. TMS320C50 Based DSP Diamond Board.
  3. TMS320C50 Based DSP Peripheral Board.
  4. TMS320C31 Based DSP Starter Kit.
  5. TMS320C50 Based DSP Diamond Board.
  6. TMS320C31 Based DSP Peripheral Board.
  7. ADSP 2181 Based DSP Starter Kit.
  8. ADSP 2181 Based Diamond Board.
  9. ADSP 2181 Based Peripheral Board.
  10. ADSP 2181 Based Evaluation Board.

b. Microcontroller Development Tools.

  1. Embedded Application Development System meant for 8031/8051 Microcontrollers.
  2. Topview Embedded Trainer.
  3. Topview Trainer's Add-on & Experimental Cards.
  4. Topview Simulator.
  5. PLC Trainer.

c. MP Starter Pack.

  1. E-ADS for 8031/8051.
  2. Topview Trainer.
  3. C50 DSK.
  4. C31 DSK.
  5. ADSP 2181 DSK.
  6. C50 Diamond + DSP Peripheral Board.
  7. C31 Diamond Board.
  8. ADSP 2181 Diamond Board.
  9. PLC Trainer.

Apart from above mentioned, FE also has the following. If the MPs find potential, they can also be promoted.

8085/8086 Microprocessor Trainer and relevant add-on and experimental cards.

If you are interested, please fill up the form Marketing Partner contact Form.