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NG Platinum Trainers.

1. NG Platinum 8051 Trainer.
- Specifications.
- Platinum Trainer Design Concept.
- Operations of NG Platinum Trainer.
- Frequently Asked Questions.

2. NG Platinum 8085 Trainer.

 3. NG Platinum 8086 Trainer.

- Add on Cards for Platinum Trainers.
- Pricing.
- Place Your Order.


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Next Generation Platinum 8085 Trainer


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u 8085A operating at 6.144MHz.

u EPROM : 16k + 16k Byte in 2 sockets.

u RAM : 32k Byte with Battery Backup.

u User Interaction :

  • PC keyboard (101 keys) for program entry.
  • Graphical LCD with 8 lines X 20 characters.
  • Built in single line Assembler and Disassembler.
  • Powerful program development environment using GUI features.

u RS232 serial port using 8251 with level shifter.

u 48 I/O lines using two 8255s.

u Three channels of 16bit Timer / Counters using 8253 with onboard clock generating facility.

u Interrupt Controller using 8259A.

u Onboard Interrupt study facility using Push Button switches.

u One Channel opto isolator connected with SID to study about SID features.

u LED indicating facility to study SOD operations.

u Onboard 64k Byte EEPROM to store user programs with file management.

u Buffered Bus lines are terminated in three sets of 50 pin FRC headers.

u Centronics compatible printer port.

u Built in Self Diagonostic Facilities :

  • Microprocessor health and performance.
  • Memory testing.
  • Peripheral testing facilities for 8255,8253 and 8259A.
  • Power supply monitoring.
  • Facility to indicate diagonostic results in the display.

u Facility to analyze serial port of the trainer.

u Mounted in a sleek and eye catching wooden cabinet.

u Program Development facilities:

The trainer has powerful assembly language program development facilities in the stand alone operating mode along with the big size LCD module and PC keyboard. All standard facilities like assembly program entry, memory/register editing, various program executing options like single step execution, full speed execution, program printing are available.

When connected with the computer, program codes can be downloaded into the trainer using the supplied communication link software.

Topview Integrated Development Environment is not available.