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NG Platinum Trainers.

1. NG Platinum 8051 Trainer.
- Specifications.
- Platinum Trainer Design Concept.
- Operations of NG Platinum Trainer.
- Frequently Asked Questions.

2. NG Platinum 8085 Trainer.

 3. NG Platinum 8086 Trainer.

- Add on Cards for Platinum Trainers.
- Pricing.
- Place Your Order.


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Add on Cards for the Platinum Trainers

8279 Interfacing Card.

The Keyboard/Display controller 8279 is the most popular and useful peripheral in the Microprocessor environment. This experimental arrangement enables students learn about interfacing a key matrix and a LED display in the variety of configurations.

  • 4 Digits of 7 segment LED display.
  • 16 Key matrix with 4X4 keys.
  • Facility to study various keypad, display configurations.
  • Detailed experimental manual with plenty of examples to make learning of this interfacing a very easy one.

Stepper Motor Interfacing Card.

Stepper Motors are widely used in the industrial environments and the working knowledge on these motors will definitely open many doors for the competent students.

  • On-board Stepper Motor.
  • With suitable motor drivers.
  • Interfaced with the port lines.
  • Manual with interesting examples.
  • Card can be connected to the 8255 present in any trainer.

DC Motor Control Interfacing Card.

Knowledge on the DC Motor control is one of much sought after in the industrial applications. This experimental arrangement enables the students learn about a closed loop DC Motor control using the Microprocessors.

  • On-board DC Motor.
  • On-board DAC to manage the speed of the motor.
  • Light sensor to measure motor speed.
  • All the required sources to implement a closed loop DC motor control using the Microcontrollers / Microprocessors.
  • Descriptive manual that makes learning DC motor control as an interesting one.

ADC and DAC Interfacing Card.

This interface gives the facility to study and use a high resolution Analog to Digital converter and a Digital to Analog converter.

  • 4 Channels of differential inputs for the ADC.
  • 14 bit ADC for high accurate experiments.
  • Onboard voltage generator for ADC input.
  • Solid state temperature sensor is provided on board to study ADC.
  • One channel DAC with 8-bit resolution.
  • Provision to generate Unipolar, Bipolar analog output voltages.

Experimental card for 8255

  • Study on 8255 in all three modes.
  • LED indicators, DIP switches are provided for simulation.
  • Provision for studying 8255 completely.

Experimental card for 8253.

  • Facility to study all the modes of 8253.
  • LED indicators, DIP switches provided for operation.
  • Provision to cascade timer /counters of 8253.
  • Onboard clock generates to select different operating frequencies.

Experimental Card for Keyboard and Display.

  • 16 high performance keys in 4 X 4-matrix format.
  • 6 digits of 7 segment displays.
  • Facility to study keypad and display interfacing completely.
  • Card can be connected to the 8255 present in any trainer.

Experimental Card for Temperature Control.

  • Heating element is used for demonstration.
  • Solid State temperature sensor is used to read the temperature.
  • 8 bit ADC is used for temperature measurement.
  • LED indicator for heater ON / OFF condition.
  • Facility to study the characteristics of a temperature control system.

Traffic Light Controller Card.

  • On board LEDís to simulate traffic signals at a point where four roads meet.
  • On board LEDís are included for the pedestrians also.
  • Card can be connected to the 8255 present in any trainer.

Interrupt Controller Card.

  • Programmable Interrupt Controller IC 8259 is used.
  • 8 Switches are provided for giving interrupts.
  • Eight interrupt lines are terminated separately to connect external Interrupts.

8251 Study Card.

  • Provision to studying programmable communication interface IC 8251 completely.
  • LED indicators for all RS 232 lines.
  • Provision for loop back test.