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NG Platinum Trainers.

1. NG Platinum 8051 Trainer.
- Specifications.
- Platinum Trainer Design Concept.
- Operations of NG Platinum Trainer.
- Frequently Asked Questions.

2. NG Platinum 8085 Trainer.

 3. NG Platinum 8086 Trainer.

- Add on Cards for Platinum Trainers.
- Pricing.
- Place Your Order.


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Frequently Asked Questions


FAQ01:  Where is your SOC? I don't see anything in the trainer.

Well. The SOC is very much there. However, at the back side of the PCB. We do not want the fresher or the beginner get overwhelmed by the presence of a big SMD device sitting besides the simple 8051 controller at their first sight.

But, we are confident, that after using the trainer for few hours, everybody, whether beginners or experts will definitely feel very much comfortable and the trainer will become their favorite development tool as long as they keep using 8051 microcontroller.


FAQ02: Is the SOC really required for this trainer?

Since we have decided to design a most advanced learning environment for the simple 8051 microcontroller with the support for a bigger size LCD module and the usage of the low cost PC key board, we checked many possible development options.

Finally, a SOC, a single advanced device served all our design requirements with ease. This SOC, then, substitutes all the required functionalities of the computer (meant for the trainer operation).

So, with the little investment in the SOC hardware, we could incorporate powerful interaction facilities.


FAQ03: Is the SOC reliable for the long time usage?

Yes. Very much. We have been using this SOC for many years in a range of other products and we are very much confident about the reliability of the SOC.


FAQ04: We already have many trainers available in the market. Why you introduce this trainer?

As we mentioned in many places, we introduced many innovative and useful features to make the learning environment an easy and motivating one. Also, no other trainer comes with built-in Assembly Language debugging facilities in the stand-alone workings.

Also, as you can notice, all the exiting trainers were developed following the concept originated about 20 years back when bigger size LCDs and PC keyboards were not easily available. Integrating them in applications was also very much costly affair for the designers. These days, this has become just possible with a reasonable investment in SOC, etc. So, with this background, we became confident to introduce the trainer.

For your convenience, we herewith give a comparison table between the most advanced trainer available as of today and the Platinum trainer.


FAQ05: OK. I agree that your trainer is most advanced than any other available trainer. However, what about the price? Is it kept too much high because of these features?

Surprisingly it is a big NO. The cost of these Platinum trainers are slightly higher by the margin of about Rs.1,000 to Rs.2,000 to cover the cost of the SOC, larger size LCD module and also bigger PCB area and the related hardware.

The professional designers of Indian electronic industry will vouch for us, that cost of our development tools are kept affordable even though the features are very much advanced and honestly required.

In FEPL, it is always our policy to make most advanced tools available at the lowest possible cost. We follow the same pricing strategy for these Platinum trainers also.


FAQ06: Many of your embedded development tools come with Money-Back Guarantee. Is there any such guarantee available for the Platinum Trainers?

Yes. You are right. We do sell most of our hardware development tools with money-back guarantee to safe guard our customerís investment in our tools. All these Platinum trainers come with 15 days Money-Back Guarantee.

Well. We donít except to get any returns from you. If you face any difficulty using these trainers, make sure you have read all the user manuals completely. Otherwise, send an email indicating exact nature of the problem to enable us to do the needful to sort out the issues.

We suggest you to use the trainer for a while to get the complete picture on the utility value.

If you still insist on returning the trainer, kindly indicate the reasons behind your decision and we always respect your decision.

For the practical reasons, Money-Back Guarantee is not applicable to the out of India sales.