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Diamond Boards.

- TMS320VC5416 Diamond Board.
- TMS320C50 Diamond Board.
- TMS320C31 Diamond Board.
- ADSP2181 Diamond Board.


- TMS320VC5416 Starter Kit.
- ADSP2181 Starter Kit.
- TMS320C50 Starter Kit.
- TMS320C31 Starter Kit.
- Topview DSP Debugger.
- Add-on Options.

- ADSP2181 EVM.
- FAQ.
- Download eCatalog on DSP Products.

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TMS320C50 DSP Starter Kit

The TMS320C50 based DSP Starter kit is the ideal entry-level launch pad to get into the exciting DSP World. The kit sports the most popular DSP device of Texas Instruments, TMS320C50 along with a versatile Analog Interface Chip that covers the complete audio/ speech range.

To make learner’s life easy, the kit comes with a Graphical User Interface that enables the user to navigate easily into program development process. Combined with any Standard PC, the kit gives the required experimental infrastructure to study DSP concepts.

  • TMS320C50 operating at 41 MHz.
  • On-chip RAM: 10K word.
  • 32KB PROM with communication Kernel.
  • Analog Interface Chip with 14 Bit Analog to Digital converter and 14 bit Digital to
    Analog converter with 16 bit dynamic range.
  • Programmable sample rate upto 43 kHz.
  • Programmable +3V / -3V full-scale input.
  • Programmable +3V / -3V full-scale output into 600 ohm load. It can drive an 8-ohm Speaker directly.
  • Programmable anti-aliasing and reconstruction filters
  • Facility to connect MIC and Speaker.
  • RS232 serial port for communicating with the host PC.
  • With assembler and debugger software with Graphical User Interface.
  • Over voltage protection for analog inputs.

Bundle Contents:

  • TMS320C50 Starter Kit.
  • CDROM with useful documents and software.
  • Power Supply.
  • Serial Port Communicating Cable.
  • Analog Input/Output Cable.
  • TMS320C50 Starter Kit Technical Reference Manual.
  • TMS320C50 Starter Kit Experiments Manual.
  • TLC320AC01 Chip Details
  • TMS320C5X User’s Guide.

Block Diagram of TMS320C50 DSP Starter Kit.

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Also Available:

Other DSP Trainers from Texas Instruments and Analog Devices.
Call  Frontline Electronics  for specific requirement.


Frontline Electronics for DSP Tools ?

l We, at FE, conceive, design, manufacture, market all the required DSP tools in-house. Because of this, we have everything right from the scratch to the final documentation in total control.

We give more emphasis on making the DSP technology user friendly in all respects. Accordingly, we make both the hardware and software combination a best one to make DSP learning an easy and interesting one.

l FE’s DSP trainers come with simple hardware designed mainly to make the study of target DSP device a comforting one without complicated elements.

l DSP hardware presents itself as friendly to you and motivate you to take up advanced studies without overwhelming circuits.

l These days, new DSP trainers are configured using the respective DSP Diamond boards. So, after studying the target DSP, you can easily put the Diamond board into your target application with minimum external hardware. A Big Savings in your Time and Money!!

l FE already established itself as a reliable supplier of the DSP tools for the last 10 years. In addition, FE shall continue supplying the same kind of DSP tools for a very long time in the future also.

Think DSP.
Think Frontline Electronics.