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Universal Programmer for 8051 Devices
- Topview Programmer C.
- Pricing.

 Advanced Device Programmer for Philips 8051 Devices.
- Topview Programmer A Specifications.
- FAQ.
- Downloads.
- Pricing.
- Place Your Order.

 Advanced Device Programmer for Atmel 8051 & AVR Devices.
- Topview Programmer B Specifications.
- FAQ.
- Downloads.
- Pricing.
- Place Your Order.

- Topview Device Programmer for Atmel 89CXX Devices.

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Topview Device Programmer  B for Atmel Microcontrollers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are up-gradation facilities available in the programmer?

We have found the availability of following microcontrollers of Atmel from many sources. With careful analyzing, we have incorporated up-gradation facility meant for these devices in the programmer.

These devices will be automatically included into the existing list as and when we complete testing them. And the new version of the programming software will be kept in our website for your convenience. Keep visiting our download section for the latest software updates.

The programmerís software has built-in facility to check for upgrades on its own. Whenever it finds a new update, it automatically updates the programmerís built-in monitor program to accept the new devices.

If you need to add an immediate support to any of these devices, kindly send sample devices along with your purchase order enabling us to complete the testing for your requirement.

Since we have conceived, designed and manufactured these Device Programmers ourselves, you are assured of our wholehearted, dedicated support for your future up-gradations.

We, at Frontline Electronics are trying our best to give maximum utility to our Topview Device Programmers with our wholehearted efforts. Programmerís Hardware and software come with built-in facility to take care up-gradations in future.

As of now, this Topview Programmer A is the most advanced device Programmer available for this cost anywhere.

If by chance, any of the future Atmel device demands any special facility not possible in the existing hardware and software, we, at Frontline Electronics donít assume any responsibility for the same.

OTP Devices.

1. AT87F51RC

6. AT87F55

2. AT87F51

7. AT87LV55

3. AT87LV51

8. AT87F55WD

4. AT87F52

9. T87C5102

5. AT87LV52



Flash Devices.

8051 Derivative Devices:

1. AT89S2051

6. T89C51RB2


2. AT89S4051

7. T89C51RC2


3. AT89LP2052

8. T89C51RD2


4. AT89LP4052







AVR Devices.

1. ATtiny10

8. AT90S2323


2. ATtiny11

9. AT90LS2333


3. ATtiny11L

10. AT90S2343


4. ATtiny12



5. ATtiny12L


19. AT90S2323

6. ATtiny12V



7. ATtiny15L



EERPOM Devices

1. AT25010

2. AT25020

3. AT25040

4. AT25080

5. AT25128

6. AT25160

7. AT25256

8. AT25320

10. AT25640

11. AT25HP256

12. AT25HP256

2. Is there any Programming Adapter meant for SMD devices available for the Programmer?

As of now, we donít have any programming adapter available for PLCC and other packages. But we have planned to introduce these adapters in the coming weeks for your convenience. Keep watching our website for latest news about these adapters.

3.Where can I get your up-gradation software?

Our website is the major platform, which supports the needs of our customers. We always keep our latest software in our site for your convenience.

4. Is there any catch in Money Back Guarantee?

Well. We donít expect to get any returns from you. If you face any difficulty in using the programmer, make sure you have read the user manual completely. Otherwise, send an email to us indicating exact nature of the program to enable us to do the needful to sort out the issue.

We advice you to use the programmer few times to get the complete picture on the utility value. If you still insist on returning the programmer, Kindly indicate the reason behind your decision and we always respect your decision.

5. How can I evaluate the programmer?

You can download the copy of programmer software and also the user Guide from our website. You can use a reference data file to work around various facilities of the programmer.