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Embedded Control Solutions Using 8031 Microcontrollers.

Topview Simulator.
- Introduction.
- Device Selection.
- Program Editing.
- Clearview.
- Program Execution.
- Simulation Facilities.
- Code Generation Facilities.
- Special Features.
- Downloads.
- Pricing.
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Topview Trainer.


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Topview Simulator

Program Execution

During execution, all the windows of clearview can be updated according to the time interval set by yourself.

Benefit: You can know the status of your program at any point of time.

Breakpoint execution can be based on the registers, internal Data Memory, Flags, external Data Memory and memory bit status.

The breakpoint conditions are displayed in the status bar for your reference. Usually the breakpoints are based on the PC contents. But in the Topview Simulator, facility is there to use other information as the breakpoint conditions.

After every execution (break point or full speed) the address at which the execution stops/breaks will be highlighted and all the windows are refreshed with the new information. The changes are indicated in a different color to draw your attention.

Benefit: If you stop program execution when the microcontroller hangs up, you can find out where exactly your program flow stays still. Useful handy feature for your program development.

Different options are available in single step execution:

  • Selection of either step or step over mode. Step mode executes program instructions one by one. In step over mode, subroutines can be executed in a single step.
  • A command in the singlestep operation helps to set the step size which is used by both step and stepover executions. The step mode executes the program line by line (or by the step defined by you). In the stepover mode, the subroutine is executed in a single step. In the  Finish subroutine mode  the control executes the program until the ` RET ` instruction is encountered and executes it and waits in the next instruction for further commands.

Useful timing analysis is available to calculate program execution time and machine cycles of the target program are accumulated and displayed for your reference.

Benefit: Accurate timing information about the program execution can be obtained for critical operations. For an example, you can accurately define delay routines.


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