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In Circuit Emulators.
Topview ICE for 8051 Devices.

TMS320VC5416 Products.
TMS320VC5416 Diamond Board.

Gang Programmers.
Topview Programmer G.

Device Programmers.
Topview Device Programmers.

World’s Advanced Trainers for Microcontroller/Microprocessors.
Next Generation Platinum Trainers.

ARM Products.
ARM Embedded Application Modules.
ARM Proto Boards.

Embedded Control Solutions.
8031 Microcontroller.
Renesas Microcontrollers.

DSP Products.
Diamond Boards.

DC Regulated Power Supplies.


Mailing List.



In Circuit Emulators.

Topview In Circuit Emulator is the powerful development tool to finish your next 8051 based applications faster than before. The ICE comes with all the required hardware and software tools to make it complete to undertake  more projects in the given time. Apart from all these advanced facilities, the Topview ICE comes with a motivating price. More...

TMS320VC5416 Based Products.

We, at FE have Diamond boards meant for DSP based Rapid Prototype development. Recently,  We introduced Diamond Board to speed up your next VC5416 based application without much pain. The Diamond board comes with advanced features to make it very convenient to handle many applications. We also have a VC5416 based DSP Trainer. More...

Device Programmers.

Topview Device Programmers give a versatile, flexible and State of Art programming environment for the microcontrollers from Atmel and Philips. More than 1000 customers have expressed their total satisfaction using these programmers in their projects. We are sure the Topview Device Programmers shall also become an important tool in your applications. More….

Next Generation Platinum Trainers.

We, at Frontline Electronics, are pleased to introduce an advanced learning platform for the world’s most popular microcontroller, 8051, using the state of art technologies. We call this working environment as the Next Generation Platinum Trainers. The Platinum trainers sport a variety of useful features to make experimental tasks an easy one and motivate the users to work more and learn faster in the given time. Major facilities are the availability of a big size LCD Graphical Module that displays more useful information than ever before. The trainer interaction is made simplified by using standard PC keyboard. In the stand-alone operating environment, the trainer supports the program entry in assembly language to save time apart from easy understanding of the programs. For the assembly programs, the trainer provides full-fledged debugger using the big size LCD display and the keyboard. Combining the trainer with any personal computer, the trainer presents an advanced working environment for the high level C based program development. Apart from all these, the trainers come with built-in self-diagnostic features to test most of the functions of the trainer and the peripherals of the microcontroller. NG Platinum Trainers are available for Microprocessors 8085 and 8086. More….

ARM Proto Boards.

The Proto Boards are the lowest priced hardware platform for the world’s popular ARM Microcontrollers of both Atmel and Philips. These boards encourage the designers take up their first project using these devices with ease and confidence. More….

8031 Microcontrollers.

Frontline Electronics has Topview range of hardware and software development tools that give 8031 users a flying start in their 8031 based projects.

Software tools include Topview Integrated Development Environment suitable for Assembly language that contains Simulator, Remote Debugger and also the Device Programmer meant for Atmel’s 89CXX devices. Simulator, Remote Debugger and the Device Programmer are also available separately.

These tools are supported with extensive documentation, Free Design Guides and many other Free Reference Designs…

Frontline Electronics also offers a range of Trainers using 8031 and Atmel 89C5X devices to give the beginners a total confidence in understanding 8031 technology.  More….

DSP Products.

Frontline Electronics is the known leader in DSP hardware giving a wide choice using DSP devices from both Texas Instruments and the Analog Devices.

A range of Starter Kits, Evaluation Boards, Project Boards using ADSP 21XX, TMS 320C5X, and TMS 320C31 DSP devices are available. These DSP products are field proven and very much appreciated by the Educational Institutions, Industries and etc. More

Renesas Microcontrollers.

Recently, Frontline Electronics has developed an extensive knowledge base and few development tools to enable the system designer get a quick start using Renesas R8C/tiny Microcontrollers. More….

DC Regulated Power Supplies.

Frontline Electronics is known for the high performance, high reliability DC power supplies which are widely used in hundreds of technical institutions and industries. These power supplies give trouble free operation for many years and that’s how they have become favorite among our customers. More

Top News

ARM Embedded Application Modules:

Application specific  ARM Hardware platform for the World's popular ARM devices of Atmel and NXP.

Free Development Tools:

FE has introduced Free Development tools for Renesas R8C/Tiny Controllers.

SANGO: Application Deployment Software.
Topview System Simulator for R8C/Tiny Controllers.

Low cost ARM Proto Boards:

These ARM Proto Boards are lowest priced Hardware platform for the World's popular ARM devices of Atmel and NXP.

DSP Diamond Boards:

Lowest priced DSP Development platform for TMS320C50, TMS320C31, TMS320VC5416 and ADSP2181.

Marketing Partners:

FE is looking for Marketing Partners to market FE products all over the World.