Topview Simulator for Atmel 8031 Microcontrollers

Facility to simulate the complete 8051 microcontroller.
Facility to simulate the architecture, on chip peripherals and many external embedded modules.
Built in Integrated support to use the SDCC C compiler for program development.
Built in Code Editor to support C program development and the assembly code.
Built in Code Debugging facilities to support both C language and the assembly code with Break Point, Single Step and Software Breakpoints.
Built in facility to generate the application code for the embedded modules either in C or in assembly language.
Facility to start and finish the total project in the simulation environment.
Built in Simulation facilities:
Range of Point LEDs and Seven Segment LEDs.
LCD modules of many configurations.
Momentary ON keys.
A variety of keypads up to 4×8 key matrix.
Toggle switches.
All modes of on chip serial port.
IIC components including RTC, EEPROMs.
SPI Bus based EEPROM devices.
Suitable for Atmel AT89CXX Microcontrollers.

Completed Project in simulator
Completed Project in simulator 2