TMS320C50 DSP Trainer

TMS 320C50 operating at 41MHz.
On-chip RAM: 10K Word
32KB EPROM with communication kernel.
Analog Interface Chip with 14-bit Analog to Digital Converter and 14-bit Digital to Analog Converter with 16 bit dynamic range.
Programmable sample rate up to 43KHz.
Programmable +3V/-3V full-scale input.
Programmable +3V/-3V full-scale output into 600 ohms load. It can drive an 8-ohm speaker directly.
Programmable anti-aliasing and reconstruction filters.
Over voltage protection for analog inputs.
Facility to connect MIC and speaker.
Built-in USB interface to use the kit with latest OS of the computers.
With Assembler and the Topview DSP Debugger software with Graphical User Interface.

Power Supply and Function Generator.
(Mounting the above kit in a closed cabinet with following)
RFI filtered linear power supply
Output frequency up to 20 kHz.
Sine, Square and Triangle signals limited to DSP AIC Input range.
Over voltage protection for analog inputs.
Facility to Measure FREQUENCY OUTPUT for user convenience during DSP
DSP Kit is safely mounted in a sleek wooden cabinet.

Bundle Contents.

TMS320C50 Starter Kit
CDROM with useful documents and software.
Power Supply.
Serial Port Communicating Cable.
Analog Input/Output cable.?
TMS320C50 Starter Kit Technical Reference Manual.
TMS320C50 Starter Kit Experiments Manual.
TLC320AC01 Chip Details (Soft Copy)
TMS320C5X UserĂ­s Guide (Soft Copy)