TMS320VC5416 DSP Trainer


TMS320VC5416 operating at 160MHz.

On-Chip RAM: 128K Word.
Booting Facility: 128K bytes Flash Memory with communicating kernel meant for the computer.
16/20/24/32-bit high performance AUDIO CODEC using TLV320AIC26
Stereo Audio DAC and Mono Audio ADC Support Rates up to 48 kbps.
On-Chip 325-mW Speaker Driver.
Microphone Preamp and Hardware Automatic Gain Control.
Programmable Digital Audio Bass/Treble/EQ/De-Emphasis.
Emulator interfacing facility.
USB Port and the Serial port with RS232 drivers.
Two numbers of 64-pin expansion connectors to interface external hardware.
Topview DSP Debugging Software with following features:
Simple and Powerful command set.
Program code, data and CPU Registers are simultaneously displayed in separate
View and edit facility for DMA and McBSP sub bank registers.
Supports assembly level debugging.
C Source debugging facility with variables view/edit facility.
Supports single step, step over and break point execution.
Fill, Test and Move operations for both Data and Program memory.
Graphical display of memory contents in both time and frequency spectrum.
Power Supply and Function generator.
Experiment manual to study DSP algorithms such as FIR filter, Convolution, FFT etc.
Trial copy of Code Composer Studio Development Software.

Power Supply and Function Generator.
(Mounting the above trainer in a closed cabinet with following)

RFI filtered linear power supply
Output frequency up to 20 kHz.
Sine, Square and Triangle signals limited to DSP AIC Input range.
Over voltage protection for analog inputs.
Facility to Measure FREQUENCY OUTPUT for userĂ­s convenience during DSP
DSP trainer is safely mounted in a sleek wooden cabinet.

Bundle Contents:

TMS320V5416 Starter Kit
CDROM with useful documents and software.
Power Supply.
Serial Port and USB Communication Cables.
Analog Input/Output cable
TMS320VC5416 Starter Kit User Guide.
TLV320AIC26 Chip Details (Soft Copy)