How to make Power Electronics Experiments successful?

How to make Power Electronics Experiments successful?

Intelligent Study Environment

As we know now, fully controlled power supplies and the precision measuring features are very much required to create an intelligent study environment to understand the operating secrets of these power devices. FE’s range of trainers come with built-in power sources, all required measuring facilities along with LCD based oscilloscope features making the study a convenient one to the students.

In the Power Electronic Device Characteristics Trainers, the students can set operating voltages with the resolution of 10mV, then define the current source with resolution of 10mA easily with rotary encoders and switches thanks to the digital control implementation within the design. Likewise, the measuring facilities help the students measure all the operating parameters with a voltage resolution of 10mV and current resolution of 10mA at all the required points.

SCR Characteristics

MOSFET Characteristics

As the result, the students’ attention is focused more on understanding device operations than on creating the required operating conditions and they learn more onthe device in the given time.

The trainer also has Auto-Plot modes which enable the user to view textbook waveforms of the V-I characteristics instantly. One voltage/current source is set to a constant value by the user while the other is automatically varied from zero to maximum and the required parameters are measured. The value of the variable parameter is plotted against the measured parameter. A maximum of five plots will be displayed in the screen, each in different colour.

VI Characteristics

Output Characteristics

The Auto-Plot function is a well-thought facility introduced to give the students much required confidence and motivation to start and pursue the study without any doubts by presenting the textbook waveforms at the press of a button. This function just demonstrates the working of the target device in all the operating modes without giving any reading of the exact voltages. When the students become sure of exact device operations, they may put their heart into deep learning and gain confidence in using the target devices in more of their future applications.

The Power Electronic Application Trainers include a modular application circuitry with multiple controlling/triggering options to enable the students try out multiple design concepts in many combinations to ensure maximum learning in the given time. Based on the applications, multiple triggering possibilities, multiple loads, a range of capacitor and inductor options extend the learning flexibility of the students.

The trainers come with an integrated stand-alone two channel differential oscilloscope functions using TFT colour LCD with professional encoders creating facility to view and measure the important voltages and currents of the circuit to help students get a thorough understanding on the device operations. The trainers support two channels of fully differential inputs to facilitate two simultaneous floating measurements during the study. Measurements by these channels include mathematical functions like Peak-to-Peak, RMS, Mean, Maximum and Minimum on the input signals. The scope function also supports 12-bit resolution comparing to regular oscilloscopes coming with 8-bit resolution.

Whatever study remained complex and impossible all these years become easy and convenient to the students and they get quick confidence on using the power devices further in their applications.

Then comes another important feature; the target device is securely protected against any inadvertent shorts or mis-wring by the students. The careless handling of gate power supply can easily damage the device. FE trainers take care of the target devices with total protection and zero maintenance, saving the labs from periodic costly maintenance.

As a whole, FE trainers give an intelligent study environment making the complicated study a simple one and help the students gain the required understanding and motivates them to try more in the next stage of their career.