FPGA Application Module


250K-gate Xilinx Spartan 3E FPGA XC3S250E @ 300MHZ.

250K System Gates with 5508 Logic Cells.

612 Configurable Logic Blocks.

38K Bits of Distributed RAM and 216K Bits of Block RAM.

12 Nos. of Dedicated Multipliers.

4 Nos. of Digital Clock Managers.

Application Module Block Diagram

I/O Lines with 40 Pairs of differential I/O lines.

I/O Lines support both single ended and differential ended standards.

100MHZ Reference Oscillator for FPGA.

16Mb Data Flash to store user application code with file management.

On board FPGA Configuration facility for stand alone operation.

Supports USB based Programming for both FPGA and Data Flash.

2 Nos. of 64-Pin Expansion Connector with maximum of 100 I/O lines.

5V 3A Power Supply to support the current required by FPGA and other add on circuits.

Xilinx ISE and WebPACK Software for code development.

User manual.

FPGA Project Board to hold the above hardware.

Application Module with ProtoBoard