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R8C/Tiny Hardware.
- R8C/Tiny Micon Evaluation Platform.
- R8C/Tiny Proto Boards.
- R8C/Tiny EADS.

- R8C/Tiny Resources.

Free Development Tools.

- Introduction
- Features.
- Why SANGO is required?
- How to generate application code using Sango?
- How to develop your target application using Renesas tools, HEW & SANGO?
- How to get the SANGO?
- Embedded Application Development System

2. Topview Simulator for R8C/Tiny
- How to get the Topview Simulator?

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Embedded Application Development System (EADS).

R8C/Tiny EADS contains a BaseBoard and few Micon Top Boards. The Micon Top Board comes as a small circular PCB with the microcontroller soldered along with its clock driving circuits and programming facility. You can plug the Micon Top Board on the Baseboard to evaluate that particular R8C/Tiny.

The Baseboard carries various interfacing options like Multiplexed LED displays, LCD module with 2 line X 16 characters, keyboard with 4X4 matrix, Push Button Switches, Point LEDs, Toggle switches, Analog voltage source, I2C bus devices like RTC and EEPROM and etc. This wide range of peripherals enable you to study many interfacing options using R8C/Tiny devices.

This EADS gives a working hardware platform to test and design new applications along with the code generation software, SANGO. The SANGO generates application code in C for these R8C/Tiny microcontrollers covering all the features of the microcontroller to enable the designers conceive and test their new designs with ease and confidence.

In short, this R8C/Tiny EADS is designed to impart desired technical knowledge about Renesas's 16 bit architecture and its real time applications.

The R8C/Tiny EADS contains these important parts:

  • Micon Top Boards for R8C/1X, R8C/1A/1B, R8C 24/25, R8C 26/27, R8C 2A/2B and R8C 2C/2D.
  • EADS BaseBoard.

Micon Top Board

The EADS have a separate Top Board for Micon device. Top Board comes with the EADS as standard. These Top Boards carry relevant clock and flash programming circuits meant for R8C Micon. All the pins of the microcontroller are terminated in the FRC headers. The board has facility to connect E8 Emulator.

EADS - Base Board

The Base board comes with many interfacing options:

  • Four digits of Multiplexed Seven Segment LED Displays.
  • LCD module with 2 line X 16 characters.
  • Keyboard with 4X4 matrix.
  • 8 Point LEDs.
  • I2C devices, RTC and EEPROM.
  • Four Push Button switches.
  • 4 numbers of Toggle switches.
  • Two Analog variable voltage sources.
  • Square wave form generator to study timers of Micon.
  • Pulse generator to study timers of Micon.
  • RS 232 Level shifter.
  • CAN Driver.
  • LIN Driver.

Circuit implementation in EADS.

As you can observe, all the lines of the EADS are terminated with connectors containing five spring loaded pins. The internal spring mechanism can hold the single strand wires in place. The required circuit connection can be established when the single strand wires are properly inserted in these terminal pins.

The documentation of all these modules clearly indicate the respective circuit implementation for every study and application.

l  EADS comes with a variety of external embedded application modules covering a range of applications

l  Built-in facility to hookup your target application circuit with ease and confidence.

l  Since the embedded modules are not tied with I/O lines of the micon, you can easily hook up your exact application circuit without any restriction.

l  One time low cost investment to develop many of your next applications.

l  Significant savings in your development time. Without waiting for the prototype, you can start and finish your project using EADS. Fool proof approach to generate fast ‘Proof-of-Concept' for your next application.

l  You can use the EADS to study different micon architectures. Now you have a flexible design environment to manage different Renesas micons with a variety of embedded application modules.