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R8C/Tiny Hardware.
- R8C/Tiny Micon Evaluation Platform.
- R8C/Tiny Proto Boards.
- R8C/Tiny EADS.

- R8C/Tiny Resources.

Free Development Tools.

- Introduction
- Features.
- Why SANGO is required?
- How to generate application code using Sango?
- How to develop your target application using Renesas tools, HEW & SANGO?
- How to get the SANGO?
- Embedded Application Development System

2. Topview Simulator for R8C/Tiny
- How to get the Topview Simulator?

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SANGO (Sample Application Program Generator & Organiser) - Introduction.

The Sample Application Program Generator and Organizer (SANGO) is the application deploying software, enabling system designers conceive, design and finish their projects with ease and confidence. SANGO generates C source code covering many project elements in the target applications at the press of a button. It also generates all the initialization code for most of the operating environments of the microcontroller. The generated code contains all the required comments for an easy understanding. Sango also contains an extensive documentation giving plenty of example circuits to test and use.

In short, starting your next application with Sango will definitely save a good amount of your precious development time.

At present, the Sango supports R8C/Tiny family devices: 11/13, 1A/1B,  24/25, 26/27, 2A/2B and 2C/2D. This software tool is complemented with a versatile hardware platform, Embedded Application Development System (EADS) giving the system designers power to test and finish their ideas in hardware faster without waiting for their customized PCB.