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R8C/Tiny Hardware.
- R8C/Tiny Micon Evaluation Platform.
- R8C/Tiny Proto Boards.
- R8C/Tiny EADS.

- R8C/Tiny Resources.

Free Development Tools.

- Introduction
- Features.
- Why SANGO is required?
- How to generate application code using Sango?
- How to develop your target application using Renesas tools, HEW & SANGO?
- How to get the SANGO?
- Embedded Application Development System

2. Topview Simulator for R8C/Tiny
- How to get the Topview Simulator?

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R8C1X Micon Evaluation Platform.

R8C/1X Evaluation Platform is the complete reference hardware meant for evaluating R8C/1X devices. This platform supports R8C/10, R8C/11, R8C/12, R8C/13 series devices. This hardware enables you to study various interfacing options using any of these R8C/1X devices. Many peripheral interfacing options and plenty of examples should enable you to gain required confidence in taking up your next project using Renesas's R8C/1X devices.

As you know, these R8C/1X series devices are very popular 16 bit microcontrollers using Renesas's most popular M16C architecture. These R8C/1X series sport same architecture in small packages and are available at an attractive cost. So whatever knowledge you gain using these Micons can be applied to Renesas's other higher end 16 bit microcontrollers without any hitch.

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The R8C Evaluation Platform contains a Micon Top Board and an Application Board. The Micon board can be mounted on the base application board during study and evaluation.

R8C1X Micon Top Board.

R8C1X Micon Application Board.