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Embedded Design Contest

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Frontline Embedded Design Contest - 2008.


First Prize     -    Rs.25,000/-   

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor Machine

Team Leader :    K. S. Thangavelu, 
Guide:                 Dr. N. Kumaravel.
College:              College of Engineering, Anna University, Chennai.


Second Prize     -    Rs.15,000/-   

Wireless Access In Car

Team Leader :         K. Kirubhakaran,
Team Members:      P. Kasirajashanmugavel,
                                    N. NagaPrakash,
                                    R. Rajesh Kumar,
                                    S. Sakthivel.
Guide:                        Mr. Chirsty Manoraj.
College:                    Government College of Engineering, Bargur.


Third Prize -  Rs.10,000/-

Intelligent Fuel Level Indicator

Team Leader :       A. A. Nippun Kumar,
Team Members:   B. V. Saivenkatakiran,
                                  R. Rajesh Kannan,
                                  I.  Rajkumar,
                                  N. Shanmugam. 
Guide :                     Prof. B. Gobi.
College:                  Sona College of Technology, Salem.


First Consolation Prize -  Rs.5000/-


Team Leader:         R. Aravind Kumar, 
Team Members:    G. Ashwin,
                                   G. Gokula Krishnan,
                                   S. Manoj Kumar.
Guide:                       Prof. B. Gobi.
College:                    Sona College Of Technology, Salem.


Second Consolation Prize -  Rs.5,000/-

Intelligent Safety System for Automobiles

Team Leader:       G. Varun,
Team Members:   P. Vasantha Kumar,
                                 M. Thangavel,
                                 V. Suttykalai.
Guide:                     Mr. L. Karl Marx.
College:                 Thiyagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai.


Third Consolation Prize -  Rs.5000/-

Pre Paid Energy Meter

Team Leader:          U. Vijayalakshmi,
Team Members:     R. Bharathi Vidhya,
                                   S. Lakshmi,
                                   B. Sreedevi,
                                   G. Subha. 
Guide :                      Ms. Josephine Pushpa Arasi.
College:                    Idhaya Engineering College, Chinna Salem.


Fourth Consolation Prize -  Rs.5,000/-

Industrial Safety Monitoring System

Name :                     V. Kalaiyarasan,
Team Members:   Anand Prince Jebakumar,
                                  N. Manikandan, 
Guide :                     Mr. Vijayaragavan.
College:                  Thirumalai Engineering College,  Kanchipuram.