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Embedded Design Contest

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Frontline Embedded Design Contest - 2008.

Message From Frontline Electronics.

As you know, Frontline Electronics is manufacturing hardware and software development tools for the Embedded System Designs. We have a range of development tools for different microcontrollers, DSP devices from leading manufacturers. FE caters to the needs of both the technical institutions and the industries. FE’s development tools are being used in more than 1200 industries from Kashmir to Kanyakumari apart from customers in other countries like, Japan,US, UK, Germany, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Gulf, etc. FE’s tools are equally popular among the technical institutions of India.

FE is the Tool Partner of Renesas Technology Corp. Japan and we have been developing different tools for quite a long time supporting many Renesas controllers.

Recently, we, at FE noticed the trend of engineering students who do their studies in different branches of Electrical Science joining non-core jobs where they have to ignore or leave behind the vast knowledge acquired in their core subjects along the course of their career. There is also an inevitable danger of totally getting lost in non-core areas in the span of next few years.

We have taken this to many professors and educational experts and discussed about this condition and finally realized there is no proper platform to educate the students about the necessity of questioning the nature of the jobs at the end of their study. Most of the students totally unaware of such an action. Under this complex environment, nobody is clear of guiding or taking the students in the right direction.

So, we, at FE have decided to take up this issue head on after careful consideration of all the underlying issues. We have planned to provide a platform to enable the students bring the invisible Designer from their mind into outside world.

That is how we have this design contest planned along with our Principal, Renesas Technology Corp. Japan, who is Number 1 in Microcontrollers.

The Frontline Embedded Design Contest is the most awaited platform to enable you to focus all your acquired knowledge in all these years to conceive an original concept or solution and proceed to give it a life in real using the Renesas Microcontrollers. Now, you have got an opportunity to make yourself a SMART DESIGNER by doing something different and distinguish yourself from others and go ahead to create a special place for yourself.

We, at FE have already have the required Media Support in place to take you to the lime light and announce to the world about your arrival!!.

Then, we have made all the arrangements with the leading Indian Renesas industrial users to meet you in a specially arranged Project Evaluation Function. You can meet and interact with the potential employers to select an exactly matching Dream Job!

Now, the stage is set to get the best out of you in public. We are waiting for you. Are you in the Game..?