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Embedded Design Contest

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Frontline Embedded Design Contest - 2008.

Frequently Asked Questions.

FAQ01. Who can participate?

The contest is open to students studying Degree (both UG and PG) courses in engineering colleges of both Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry. Students perusing any branch of Electrical Science are eligible to participate in this design contest.

Part Time students can also participate in the contest.


FAQ02. Details of Project team selection?

You can participate in the contest as an individual or you can join with your friends as a team of not more than 5 students.

There is no restriction on students of different colleges joining to do the projects. We expect the students have a Staff Guide for the project. But, if you can do the projects on your own without any guide, it is not an issue for the contest participation.

You can use the same project for your academic requirements. There is no restriction on this part. However, you need to demonstrate the project in person for the awards.


FAQ03. Is there is any rules and regulations?

The contest is governed by a set of rules and regulations.

They cover about the aspects of the project submission and different mile stones of the project. The details of mark allocation and related aspects are also mentioned. They are available in the sites.

You need to agree to these rules and regulations to participate in the contest.


FAQ04. How students get the Media Coverage for their efforts?

We plan to keep names of the students, project title and college in our websites. The same information will also be published in the Electronics Maker as soon as you finalize your project.

After the project evaluation function, the complete details of the selected projects will be published in the magazine with your name, the project guide and the college to generate a wide coverage for all your efforts.


FAQ05. Seems like we need to learn a new microcontroller for the contest. Is it very difficult to learn and use?

Well. Of course, it is a new microcontroller for you. In College of Engineering, Guindy, Anna Varsity – Chennai, the same controllers are in the PG Curriculum. Similarly, in Government College of Technology, Coimbatore, final ECE students learn R8C/Tiny in their curriculum.

Apart from this, these R8C/Tiny microcontrollers are widely being used in large quantities by the leading electronic industries everywhere including India. This family of the microcontrollers belongs to most popular and widely used 16-bit microcontroller architecture, M16, of Renesas, Remember, Renesas is world number 1 in microcontrollers catering to global need in embedded systems.

To make your learning easy and comfortable, we keep all the required development tools, Renesas HEW, SANGO and Flash Programmer in our site and the same are made available in the CDROM.

Take our word. You will never regret for learning this microcontrollers as an Embedded System Designer!!.


FAQ06. How to get the Project Hardware?

You need to buy the Project Design Kit costing Rs.2,000/- meant for the project. The kit contains a specially designed R8C/Tiny Micon Top and a ProtoBoard to implement the projects. All the required software development tools will be made available in the accompanied CDROM.

Details of using the hardware and the software will be made available in our sites for your reference.

To get the Design Kit, you should send a Demand Draft for Rs.2000/- drawn in favor of Frontline Embedded Design Contest and payable in Salem. You also need to send the completely filled Project Request Form, which can be down loaded from this site.

We, at Frontline Electronics send the design kit with proper invoice and bear the sales tax associated with this purchase.


FAQ07: What are other supports we can get from FE?

To help the students understand this new microcontroller very easily, we already started publishing a series of articles in the Electronics Maker magazine. These articles cover various aspects of the microcontrollers and the related development tools.

We keep many useful Quick Start guides and Slide Shows in our website that cover in detail about all the development tools with plenty of examples to make your learning easy and comfortable.

We plan to start a regular chat sessions to answer all your doubts and questions at a predefined schedule through net. The schedule will be published soon for your convenience. The outcome of this chat sessions will be published in the website for others reference and usage.

For additional details on the Renesas controllers and the  tools, you can always refer their official websites.


FAQ08. We heard about the special software called SANGO. How can we use this software for our projects?

The Sample Application Program Generator and Organizer (SANGO) is the application deploying software, enabling you conceive, design and finish your projects with ease and confidence. SANGO generates C source code covering many project elements in the target applications at the press of a button. It also generates all the initialization code for most of the operating environments of the microcontroller. The generated code contains all the required comments for an easy understanding.

Sango also contains an extensive documentation giving plenty of example circuits to test and use.

The software is already made available in the download section of this site. You can download and check the same for your evaluation.


FAQ09. Can you help us in getting required components, etc?

Well. We are sorry that we cannot help you in this regard. However, we plan to keep names and addresses of our suppliers from whom you can many of the project components easily. If you really require special components, you need to get them yourself.

Our regular suppliers will do their best to get the required parts for your projects.


Project Request Form .

To get the Design Kit, you should send a Demand Draft for Rs.2000/- drawn in favor of Frontline Embedded Design Contest and payable in Salem. You also need to send the completely filled Project Request Form, which can be down loaded from this site.